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Weldwood® 2056 Professional Brush Grade Contact Adhesive

A medium viscosity formulation which meets the requirement of many applications. A general purpose contact adhesive, 2056 PROFESSIONAL is often the choice of shops and tradesmen engaged in a variety of projects requiring contact adhesive. Easy to apply and fast drying.

Key Features
  • DAP
    High Heat Resistant
  • DAP
    Water Resistant
  • DAP
    High Bond Strength


  • Details


  • Technical Data
  • How much time do I have before bonding my two surfaces together?

    The adhesive has up to 2 hours open time. If the product has dried over 2 hours, the dried adhesive may be reactivated by applying another thin coat of adhesive.

    Can the substrates be repositioned after bonding them together?

    No adjustment is possible after contact is made, positioning of parts must be done carefully. Large, awkward to handle parts may be supported on clean rods or dowels while checking for proper alignment of the edges. These supports can be removed after making contact along one edge or end without affecting the adhesive.

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